I am a theatre director, writer, and clown. I create original, audience-involved theatrical events to tell lesbian and queer histories and inspire queer myth-making. I am passionate about queer historical storytelling because as a lesbian, I have had to seek out my own ancestry and learn my bloodline by talking with community elders. In telling our history through theatre, me and my community get to spend time in a room with our ancestors and be inspired by their bravery, flaws, joy, uniqueness, and hard work.


I create this work through devising with an ensemble, writing from research, or adapting original text. In the rehearsal room, I shape the piece with the consideration of a live audience. By inviting audiences to engage with work beyond sitting quietly in the dark and watching, we are fully physicalizing metaphor, affirming their humanity, and practicing their advocacy. I direct plays like coaching a sports team. I try to model and encourage athletic collaboration and a team mindset while pushing everyone to their personal best and celebrating all victories, failures, and discoveries.