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BOOTH - Amanda Keating

BOOTH follows a trio of high school stage managers as they come and go from their auditorium tech booth. As Jillian preps for rehearsal, Carl designs the lights, and Kelsey tries to finish her seemingly never-ending AP Chem homework while simultaneously creating prop lists, cue sheets, and the ever-important Stage Manager’s Bible. In the booth they together build a home – a home that is both fleeting and forever, both theirs and not theirs, both a window looking out and a window looking in. This is a play about what it means to make art together – even when nothing in life makes sense – with the help of Joni Mitchell, a bag of vibrators, and a bottle of cherry coke.

Creative Team
Set Design: Ryan Cavanaugh
Lighting Design: Jackson Kopesky
Costume Design: Ryan Cavanaugh
Sound Design: Demi Kendros



Joey Lepire

E'mma Camara

Sara Alvidrez

Bob Mussett

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