"I left your key under the mat, dear"

Devised by Shaina Schrooten and Ann Kreitman, "I left your key under the mat, dear" is an immersive event that has been performed in homes across Chicago.  Three women, each isolated in their own history, are fated to a repetitive domestic task while grappling with a tortured psychological life.  Between bathing, cooking eggs, and doing laundry, these women slip violently into abstract movement to resist their role in home-making. Audiences float through rooms of the house, catching glimpses of each woman's struggle to maintain appearances. 

"I left your key under the mat, dear" has been performed at Chicago Home Theatre Festival, 2nd Floor Rear, and as a part of (re)discover theatre's C(re)ation Festival. 

Video preview courtesy of 2nd Floor Rear

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