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The Children's Hour - Lillian Hellman

Lillian Hellman upended American theatre in 1934 with her debut play The Children’s Hour. When an unruly student accuses schoolteachers Karen and Martha of a lesbian affair, they must navigate the truth among the lies as they fight to save their all-girls boarding school in rural Massachusetts. Breaking open The Children’s Hour, this production explores the classic play’s cultural impact and the tension between shame, survival, and how we imagine a queer future. 

Creative Team
Set Design: Bethany Kasperak
Lighting Design: Victor Maldonado
Costume Design: Loyce Arthur
Sound Design: Sam Nie

Media Design: Emily Berkheimer
Dramaturg: Rebecca Weaver



Allison Sass

Olivia Foster

Katie Gucik

Aaron Castle

Emily Parr

Sophia Kilburg

Virginia Wangechi Muturi

Ellie Turk

Delaney Waterman

Jessie Shaw

Alysun Shamburg

Margaret Schafer

Jennifer Hogan

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