Les Innocents/The Innocents

Les Innocents/The Innocents is an immersive queer thriller created by Ann Kreitman. Set in 1897, our audience finds themselves prowling the Paris Catacombs, witnessing Gui, a bohemian composer attempting to resurrect the spirit of the love of their life, Mathilde. Unfortunately for Gui, the séance they conduct produces a variety of other ghosts that inhabit the labyrinth located seven stories below the City of Light. The unrested spirits of a midwife, priest, revolutionary, buskers, butcher's daughter, and a brothel owner selfishly take over Gui’s quest to grieve their lives. With the help of a delusional gravedigger who now calls the catacombs his home, Gui forms a connection with these tortured souls, eventually coaxing out Mathilde’s spirit through a macabre party. Gui and Mathilde then must come to terms with two different memories of one relationship.  Les Innocents/The Innocents is an epic queer myth about the secrets we try to hide from each other.